Information is provided.

It is possible to select from the sizes of flotation or metric. Metric measurements are classified into four parts: passenger, light truck and special trailer. One can conclude that the tire is in fact a passenger, even though it doesn’t indicate its type.

Section width is also the number that starts with. It’s the length of the tire in millimeters measured from the sidewall to the sidewall. The dash is followed by the second number is an aspect ratio. After that, you will see an “R” that stands for Radial. In the end, the wheel’s diameter.

An aspect ratio measures the measure of the size that the sidewall is in relation to its length. If the aspect ratio for 10.4in wide tire is 50, then the aspect ratio for 10.4in large tire measures 50, that indicates that the sidewall measures 50% of the width or 5.4in.

Then, add the size of the tire to get the tire’s height.

With this knowledge, you can choose the best tire for your vehicle. If you have more questions, make sure to go through your truck manual for help. You can also click the link above to view the video.