Individuals who would like to build beautiful paths in their garden or yard using low-maintenance alternatives to paving, such as ornamental pea gravel can use this material. This article will show you how to lay pea gravel correctly in the very first attempt.

Use 14mm chips. A smaller gravel won’t last as long, and it is more likely to disperse. This makes it more difficult to pick.

You will then need to determine where your gravel path should go through your yard and plan it. Be sure to take measurements twice before using chalk, stakes and fishline in order to define the location you’ll put your route.

Lay down a weed barrier to keep plants and weeds away from your surrounding. It isn’t necessary to dig up the dirt to get rid of weeds when you use the weed barrier.

The next step is to put in the gravel. Spread the gravel on the path. Utilize a shovel or an rake, to spread it out evenly. It shouldn’t be more than 50mm deep. You want to ensure there is a clear view of the top of the path as well as ensure that you’re not sinking in every direction.

To get rid of any dust, use a hose to run across the entire surface. This will create a stunning and functional pathway.