performance. This is where fuel injection is involved. It’s done with a fuel injector. On this clip, you will be taught about the role of fuel injectors as well as the process of fuel injection.

Fuel injectors work to supply fuel to the cylinder. Fuel injectors transfer fuel to the cylinder producing a minor explosion, which gives the engine power. The proportion of air to fuel in the process is 14.7 units to one. A further important role of fuel injectors is making sure that fuel is evenly distributed across all the engines. The computer inside the vehicle regulates the rate of injection via electrodes and electromagnets. There are three types of injection. These types are port, direct, and indirect. Port injection is based on a fuel rail to deliver fuel. There are several injection units per one cylinder. This is the cheapest version that manufacturers can produce. However, it is far from being as efficient. Direct fuel injection can be found in fuel as well as gasoline engines. The fuel engine uses wall or spray-guided injection. Spray-guided infusion places the fuel injector inside the piston. For mixing air and fuel using a vortex. Spray-guided injecting utilizes a perpendicularnozzle to mix fuel and air.