There are also savings. In the event of installation that isn’t done correctly it could last between a few months or a couple of years. The video below will help you understand the correct way to install asphalt driveways. A contractor can be hired to assist you if don’t have the confidence to do the job.

The first step to making your own driveway is to prepare the sub-grade. This means using tools to smooth the sub-grade until it’s perfectly level. Grading properly is essential. It is important to drain on the road away from the property to avoid flooding. It could also be harmful if water pooled on the driveway.

To prevent plants growing up on driveways, it’s essential to spray herbicide prior to when it is time to lay asphalt. For ensuring a uniform asphalt thickness an asphalt paver is required. Certain areas could have to be completed using a manual method if the machine cannot access these areas. While the asphalt is still hot, it will eventually be compressed.