Iphone repair riverview fl

If you own a smart phone then you probably know how scary the though of dropping it can be. Cell phone repairs can be expensive and time consuming. This is particularly true if you need your smartphone for work. Whether your phone battery was damaged in a fall or due to water or you need to find out how to fix a phone with water damage, then here are a few facts that you should probably know.

1. A recently conducted study found that the iPhone is the brand of smartphone most vulnerable to being shattered or broken. One of the biggest reasons for this vulnerability is the fact that iPhones are largely made out of glass. The iPhone protective case industry is booming at the moment while people try to prevent a cracked screen.

2. As many as six percent of iPhone owners have put their phone on top of the car and forgotten about it before driving away. The damage to a phone battery that is left on the roof and possibly falls off is more than likely unfixable.

3. Many people might think that more people cause damage to their iPhones while at work or during travel, but the area that is responsible for the largest amount of smartphone damage is a lot closer to home than you might think. Close to 20 percent of iPhone accidents occur in the living room.

4. While water is the most common liquid spilled into iPhones, soda is the second most common liquid that is spilled onto iPhones. One of the ways to avoid this kind of damage are water resistant cases.

5. Though the most iPhone related accidents happen in the living room of the smartphone owner, 16 percent of accidents involving iPhones occur in the bathroom. A large number of these accidents are because quite a few people drop their phones in their toilets.