Executive search consultant

Most businesses rely on sales, and there is always a need for good sales people. It is the job of sales headhunters to find those good sales people. Sales headhunters, also known as sales recruiters, match up people who are looking for work with available sales jobs.

There is a relatively high turnover in sales. Nearly one third of all sales people have been at their current jobs for less than a year. Since sales people usually rely on their commissions, it is surprising that research has shown that only about 20 percent of all sales leads are followed up.

Generally, there are certain traits that good sales representatives should have. Good sales people should have good research skills to gather information about potential customers and their needs. The amount of experience a sales person has is not necessary the most important thing to take into account when hiring sales staff. This is especially true when there is a good training program in place, and when there are experiences sales reps who are already with the company who can assist with the training of the new sales people.