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The life of adventure called to me. Even though I tried settling down when I was young, its siren song just became way too much for me. By the time my ex wife started talking about wanting kids, I was already drifting away, dreaming of what my life was missing. All the excitement. All the fun. That was about the time that I started looking into homes for sale by the beach.

What first piqued my interest was that the first free public school in America, the Syms Eaton Academy, was actually established in Hampton, the area that my realtors were showing me, in 1634. This spoke their family oriented culture. Speaking of its historical roots, the Virginia beach realtors told me that, apparently, despite have been inhabited since the 1600s, the modern city of Virginia Beach was actually created in 1963 and as of 2012, it has a population of approximately 447,489.

Plus, as an aerospace engineer, I knew I could find work at the Langley Air Force Base. If not there, then perhaps the NASA Langely Research Center or the Virginia Air and Space Center would take me on. After all, Hampton, VA is home to each of these noble institutions.

What really sold me on the homes for sale by the beach idea, was the fact that every year, Virginia Beach hosts the East Coast Surfing Championships, as well as the North American Sand Soccer Championship, which is a beach soccer tournament. I mean, think about it. For a guy who decided to leave his wife in search of more adventure and excitement in life, what could be better than that?

So, I was sold. We looked what I could do to finance different mortgages, and eventually I one of the many homes for sale by the beach that was really truly mine. I love it. I have never felt more fulfilled in my entire life. Why might or might not you all like to look into homes for sale by the beach? Did I miss out on any cons or any pros of checking out homes for sale by the beach? Comment on what you think I missed about homes for sale by the beach!