Driving instruction

Most cars made in America toot their horns in the key of F. However, even our horn beeps cannot always keep us safe behind the wheel. As a parent, some of the scariest times will be when you hand over the car keys to your new teen driver. The best way to keep your worries at a minimum is to invest in a program like Irvine driving schools.

The first traffic death in the United States was recorded in September 1899, in New York City. Unfortunately, the number has grown significantly from there. In order to keep your driver safe, they should have professional, behind the wheel training. The drivers training your child will receive through Irvine driving schools will give them the defensive driving skills they need.

The driving instruction will give your child the opportunity to gain experience with the utmost safety. Most of the driving schools, like Orange County Drivers Ed, will have cars fitted with dual controls. The instructor can operate the breaks and steering of the vehicle incase the student makes a mistake. This is the safest way to give them real life experience behind the wheel.

If you are unsure whether these Irvine driving schools are worth the money, consider some of the statistics. The first 500 miles your teenager drives are the most dangerous. During this time, they are 10 times more likely to crash than an adult behind the wheel. Also, the more teen passengers a teen driver has, the more likely they are to crash than if an adult was driving. Although we all believe our children are responsible and cautious, anything can happen in an instant.

The best way to keep your new driver safe, and your mind at rest, is to give your teen the proper skills they need before you let them loose on the road. The Irvine driving schools will give them the proper defensive techniques, plenty of on road experience, and the confidence to be a great driver. There is no price too high for the safety of a child.