Nobody ever said that moving is easy. From the time the pods arrive to the moment the movers drop off your things and leave you alone in your new home, there’s a whole lot of mess as you try to pack your life up in some way that makes sense and haul it to some new and different place. Long distance movers specifically have it rough. It’s not just about the stress of the packing and unpacking, but the uncertainty of relocating to a new place.

That’s why in this article, we’re going to try to help you out with the in between stuff. There a lot of little life hacks that can make pods moving so much simpler.

  1. Pack Smart

    A better moving experience starts long before the moving pods get packed. If you save space when you’re packing boxes, you’ll find the process much simpler. When you pack your clothes, towels, and sheets, don’t fold them. Roll them up to save space, instead. Pack your books in a rolling suitcase to save you the trouble of hauling them. Put your essentials all together in one clear bin to make them easier to spot. Packing smart is the key to a better experience.

  2. Tape Differently

    You’ve always seen the tape put parallel with the box seam, but that allows the box to expand at the top, making it less square. Wrap the tape around, perpendicular with the seam, to keep the box more square. When you pack them into the pods, they’ll fit together more nicely and will be less likely to topple.

  3. Be Resourceful

    Instead of buying tons of bubble wrap and packing foam, use your clothes and linens to cushion breakable items. Put your glasses in your socks and use tee shirts to keep dishes from rattling around. It saves you space and money. Win win!

  4. Get Clicky

    We live in a world where cameras are about as readily available as water, so take advantage of it! Instead of keeping a written inventory, photograph all your stuff before you pack it. Before you disconnect your electronics, snap a picture of all the wiring so you know how to hook it back up again.

  5. Avoid Spills

    There’s not much worse than getting to your new place only to find that entire box of stuff has been doused in shampoo or body wash or rubbing alcohol. Before you pack up your liquids, unscrew the cap and cover the opening with plastic wrap. Then, replace the cap. No more spills!

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