Weblogs or web blogging, more commonly known as blogs or blogging, have evolved from online journal writing into what could be a potentially lucrative business opportunity for some bloggers. What began as online diary entries detailing the lives and thoughts of a writer, is now a forum for every topic imaginable. There are online blogs about celebrity gossip, news, politics, fashion, even for people who like to look at pictures of baby animals. Whatever floats your boat, there is surely a blogger out there who feels the same way as you about any topic in the world.

The question for many potential bloggers is, can I quit my day job? Well, some blogs have proven to be a cash windfall. Huffington Post, which began as an outlet for political commentary, is now a publishing powerhouse, which was recently sold for a reported $300 billion.

Another successful blogger goes by the pen name of Perez Hilton. Mr. Hilton began writing about celebrity gossip merely as a way to entertain his friends

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