Weblogs or web blogging, more commonly known as blogs or blogging, have evolved from online journal writing into what could be a potentially lucrative business opportunity for some bloggers. What began as online diary entries detailing the lives and thoughts of a writer, is now a forum for every topic imaginable. There are online blogs about celebrity gossip, news, politics, fashion, even for people who like to look at pictures of baby animals. Whatever floats your boat, there is surely a blogger out there who feels the same way as you about any topic in the world.

The question for many potential bloggers is, can I quit my day job? Well, some blogs have proven to be a cash windfall. Huffington Post, which began as an outlet for political commentary, is now a publishing powerhouse, which was recently sold for a reported $300 billion.

Another successful blogger goes by the pen name of Perez Hilton. Mr. Hilton began writing about celebrity gossip merely as a way to entertain his friends. A mere 18 months later, his acerbic wit, biting tongue, and clever headlines earned him nine million web site views in one day. The net worth of his site is now worth approximately $30 million. Not a bad gig for working online from home.

But it is not that easy to make millions as a blogger. In fact, it is very difficult. There are currently more than 31 million bloggers in the U.S. alone. (One of the most popular blogging platforms, WordPress.com, claims that 329 million people view at least one blog monthly.) That being said, more than 81 percent of bloggers never make more than $100 from their blog. Similarly, only eight percent of bloggers ever earn enough to quit their day job and support their family.

So if you think the world of blogging is something you wish to entertain, what are a few key things you should incorporate?

The first thing is time. Spend time writing quality content that you can realistically update every single day. This increases your chances of being picked up by search engines, and it also helps to keep your readers interested.

The next thing to consider is your topic. Be specific and find your niche. Consider who you want your audience to be, and write for them! Seems simple, but if you do not have a shtick (for lack of a better word), you are not likely to pique reader interest.

Next, do not do it for money. Blog because you want to share your voice, opinion, thoughts, whatever with the internet universe. Your passion should drive you, not your hunger for a hefty paycheck.

Last but not least, be patient. Very few successes happen overnight, but with diligence and something you are pouring your heart into, you should be able to reap some level of success. Continue your research here.