The number of implants required (one implant that replaces one tooth, or the complete pair of upper and lower teeth on four implants). We’ll also determine the most suitable locations for placement during our initial consultation.
Five benefits of Dental Implants that will help you answer your question “Is an implant needed for a tooth?” question.
* One of the major advantages of dental surgical tooth replacement is that it’s a long-term option lasting a lifetime if you keep up with regular dental hygiene and visit your dentist’s office.
* Dental implants as well as dental implant shifting do not necessitate the preparation of adjacent teeth, allowing them to remain intact.
If a tooth is removed, it’s possible for the bone to degrade. This could lead to modifications in the appearance of the teeth.
* Dental implants may completely replace natural teeth. This allows to restore the appearance level after the loss of the natural tooth.
The implant is a replacement for the tooth’s root that allows the patient to can chew and bite the same manner as natural teeth. 42dy58p4j3.