unch. This is also a breakfast that is offered as a lunch or dinner. Brunch in New York City has a myriad of possibilities. Mezcali could offer you the most delicious Mexican breakfast. Or, Buvette may serve French pastry. In this video, you will discover more about the major cultural concept of brunch.

At Mezcali there is many tacos available that can be great options for breakfast. They have everything from seafood tacos, to steak tacos. Chicken tacos are available as well. You really can’t go wrong by having a brunch taco.

Buvette offers a variety of pastries. The brunch croissant is an ideal blend of crisp and chewy. The croissant won’t crumble on your fingers like all other types of croissants. There are also breakfast waffles that are bacon- and cheese-flavored. Also, it is drizzled with the right amount of delicious maple syrup. Delicious brunch options are fantastic no matter which one you select.