for your partner You may have not realized that you can choose to add more than the primary stone in the ring. Side stone engagement rings are sometimes referred to as stone sidestones. These rings can be made up of as many or as few gemstones, stones, or diamonds you want. With the main diamond being the main focus, you can customize it by adding a small amount of each , picking the same kind of diamond or opting to select a different one that may be an entirely different shade or form. There are many customization possibilities. In this clip, an expert will go through how to select the perfect side stones for your engagement ring.

When you are deciding what you’d like your side stone engagement ring to look as, think about how big each diamond should be. Your proportions will make your ring even more beautiful and can make sure that your beloved will love it even more.

Watch this entire video for more information about side stones and how they make an engagement ring appear stunning.