5 million senior citizens live in nursing homes. Do you want to be the fifth? looks at why a nursing home service may be the right choice for you.

If you are not able to provide for themselves in their own homes, nursing facilities can be a great choice. These can occur due to physical or mental conditions like dementia, or the problem of walking. Nursing homes are space where an individual take care of all your requirements 24 hours a day. Nursing staff are available 24/7. Most nursing homes are also equipped with doctors.

In addition, nursing homes promote interaction between residents. Because loneliness can be fatal. Psychology Today reports that the physical side effects of loneliness are comparable to smoking cigarettes a day. The article goes on to say that lonely people have a higher risk of premature death than those who have a strong social network.

They also have activities to residents who are bedridden. Libraries are huge as well as Internet access. Additionally, there are exercise facilities, parks, outings and Internet access. Certain nursing homes provide workshops and classes, for example art therapy. Numerous churches and schools volunteer to sing or play short performances for residents. A few nursing homes offer visits from therapy dogs. Certain nursing homes permit pets to be kept in the homes of residents.