Limousines are usually provided by funeral houses. They also have a transport van or vehicle that is solely dedicated to the transportation of the body from where it has died to the funeral residence. There is also an air conditioning unit for bodies that do not need to be embalmed.

Another refrigeration unit is located within the area of embalming. It is basically a surgical theatre. Fluids are drained out of a corpse into a drain. The embalming fluid is introduced using a machine. The chamber for embalming remains sparkling free of dirt.

Once the body has been embalmed and clean, it’s then presented with hairstyles and makeup. The body is then placed in the chosen casket, then moved to the viewing space.

Cremated remains may be sent across the nation. The proper shipping materials and crates are kept at the funeral home, together and file cabinets that are full of documents. The other room of funeral homes is the work area where the cremated remains are transferred to urns.