The term “bilitation” and motor control. Motor control is the term used to describe the mechanism that the body uses to create movement. She discusses her method to motor control. This is not focused on building or expanding an individual muscle. The aim she sets for her patients and listeners is to help their bodies to learn to organize efficient and goal-oriented movements that are centered around the idea of how information circulates within the nerve system. That’s the primary factor to getting the most benefit your home workout routine which will bring about the greatest positive effect.

The video was recorded by a specialist because many believe that strengthening a muscle can help them achieve the objective of returning to their ability to move. But, it’s true that this method often fails. Thus, the speaker received the idea to create the video after having interactions with readers and others who might not have been thinking the right way. The speaker talks about shifting one’s concentration off the muscle and opening the lens of the mind towards the bigger perspective. The bigger picture centers on training and experiences the body is going through. This video explains in detail the differences between muscle control and motor building.