They make a lot more sound, which can be extremely disturbing. If you aren’t using bat control it could also cause serious health problems.

How can you stop this? Below are some bat control strategies.

1. Repairing walls
Bats generally enter homes through gaps and openings in walls or doors, windows or any other entrance points. It is important to check all the areas within your home for cracks and cracks, along with your roof.

2. The Gap is closing
If you discover gaps or entry, and exit points of the bats, use the sealant or netting to seal them.

3. Use Floodlight
Bats prefer quiet, dark places, so floodlights would be a good idea for directing light towards the space.

4. Utilize Mothballs
Mothballs’ pungent smell acts as an insect repellent. Mothballs can be positioned close to the nesting places of these moths, which eat insects, to discourage the moths from nesting.

5. Use Cinnamon
Cinnamon is used to manage bats. Though bats may not like the scent of cinnamon they can still use it safely. 4f7egdpoeu.