If you wish your teeth were straighter, orthodontic treatment may be necessary. There are many choices to straighten teeth today. Invisalign is a tray device to straighten your teeth. It does not require braces. Many have concerns about using Invisalign and how it works. You may have wondered- are Invisalign reliable? Yes, these transparent plastic trays can be reliable and have been used for many years. What is the relationship between Invisalign and braces? They both straighten teeth by putting steady pressure on them, however they’re not doing it in similar to braces. Invisalign makes use of trays, not devices.

Is it more costly wearing invisible braces? They actually tend to cost less than traditional braces. They are also suitable for wearing for short periods of duration. Are metal braces more effective as Invisalign? Metal braces should be considered for certain cases, particularly where there’s a great deal of complex tooth movement required. However, Invisalign is easier to keep clean and is a comfortable method of straightening your teeth. Also, it is easier to remove the aligners out of your mouth so it is easy to maintain your teeth. cmr4uzuwqs.