Many companies are competing for the title of the most sustainable in sustainable practices. For solar energy generation, governments are creating solar farms. What countries are at the forefront of sustainable energy? More than 25% of worldwide electricity production was derived from renewable energy sources in the year 2018. There are various ways to generate renewable energy. Hydro and solar are the two most well-known sources. Solar power is not that easy. Unpredictable cloud cover hinders solar energy. China, Brazil, the U.S., and Germany are among the countries with the highest renewable resources globally. These countries are also those that create the most pollutants and generate the most energy. It is only one percent of their total emissions. Iceland is the top country in the world when it comes to energy usage. The low energy use is the most noticeable characteristic of Nordic nations. Renewable energies for big oil-producing nations are almost non-existent. Many wind turbines are found in Norweigh. In the eyes of many who are environmentally aware that wind turbines can be found to disturb wildlife. In particular, during times when birds migrate. Wind turbines are known to interfere with migration due to their immense height. iwxbasd6xv.