It can be used to protect you and your family and prove you’re a responsible parent.

Document All Potentially Problematic Behavior and Recurrences

If you think the other party could put your children at risk They may attempt to claim that you are making false accusations. In order to protect yourself and your children, it is important to have records of the behavior that you consider to be cause for alarm. For instance, if you have police reports of domestic violence, even if they didn’t file charges, make sure that you keep them at hand. Videos, photos, medical records, or even witness testimony can all aid in proving the allegations.

For instance, if your loved one was a frequent visitor to an indoor range for shooting and stored guns in your house However, they did not practice proper gun safety, be able to document the incident with photos or video. It is particularly important especially if firearms were stored within reach of kids. This can be a benefit for you if able to prove that your ex-partner is carrying weapons that are not licensed.

Additionally, if your child has been suffering from physical trauma from violence, look for a trained therapist to help you prepare for the court hearing for child custody. Not only can this be emotionally beneficial, but the therapist may be able to offer their perspective before the judge, making the case more lean to your advantage.

Inquiring for Sole Custody, or Protection Orders

When preparing for children custody trials with the security of your children with you, you may be able to tell the judge your intention to have sole custody as quickly as is possible. If someone you love threatens to hurt yourself or your child, it might be a smart option to ask for additional protection orders. In this case, you will need the evidence mentioned above. wl647u625g.