Which federal jobs are covered under workers’ compensation?

Federal employees are protected under the Federal Employees Compensation Act. If you’re unsure concerning federal worker’s compensation consult an attorney that specializes in this field.

How do I file the workers’ compensation claim?
Talk to an attorney who is specialized in representing injured workers in the workplace as soon as possible after any sort of workplace accident. There are usually time limitations which must be adhered to in order to preserve claims, and as a matter of fact, depending on the workplace you are in it could be that there are internal procedures to be followed.

What is the process of general contractors getting insurance?

The majority of companies that hire general contractors will require subcontractors to arrange and cover their own insurance.

What kind of insurance do I require such as workers’ compensation or general liability?

General liability protects you from accidents that cause injury to others when working. If you’re injured while on the job, workers’ compensation pays for your injuries. ft7sv653i5.