Cannabis withdrawal symptoms

Smoking marijuana has some serious negative side effects that people may not know of. Marijuana is not physically addicting, but psychologically addicting. Nearly 50 percent of marijuana addicts that suffer from cannabis withdrawal symptoms have reported intense insomnia. This marijuana withdrawal symptom causes vivid and disturbing nightmares that disrupt sleep. Marijuana withdrawal symptoms can start withing three days after quitting, the effects may go on for a few months.

Marijuana abuse can have severe repercussions. Taxpayers pay out nearly 10 billion dollars every year to keep marijuana illegal. This leads to the arrest of 853,000 people each year. To date, 200,000 college students have been denied financial aid for having past convictions of illegal drug use.

Drafts of the United States Declaration of Independence was actually written on hemp. This is not marijuana that is smoked. There are many other great ways use cannabis, smoking it is not one of them.

Marijuana addicts should find help and treatment as to avoid dealing with severe consequences in the future. If you know marijuana addicts then help them on the road to recovery by encouraging them to get treatment and find a program. Recovery is very possible, but first they must want to help themselves.