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All Motor Oil Is Not Created Equal, Get The Facts

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Do you know all of the basic motor oil facts? Motor oil is made from petroleum based as well as non petroleum synthesized chemical compounds. All internal combustion engines use motor oil, including not just cars, trucks and buses, but also motorcycles, go karts, snowmobiles, boats, tractors, construction equipment, aircraft and even generators.

Motor oil is essential to the health of a motor vehicle, preforming many different functions. It helps your engine start easily, lubricates engine parts, reduces friction, protects against rust and corrosion, keeps the various engine parts clean, minimizes combustion chamber deposits, cools the engine parts. It is essential to use sufficient oil in your car, as using too little oil in your car may lead to excessively high oil temperatures. Though on the flip

Creating a Plan B for the Pain in Your A

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As of today, there are close to 130 thousand people working in the Urgent Care industry in the United States. On average, a child will catch anywhere between six and ten colds per calendar year. There are approximately 110 million annual emergency room visits as well. The Urgent Care movement has been traced back to the 1970s, however; 24 hour urgent care has grown exponentially around the world in the few decades it has been around. According to a study conducted in 2010, the Rand Corporation found that nearly one in five visits to the Emergency Room could be treated at Urgent Care centers, which could save a potential $4.4 billion annually in health care costs. Rather than rushing off to the Hospital or Emergency Room the next time you are in a precarious situation where medical attention is r