Rain showerheads are gaining in popularity for many of today’s homeowners, and for good reason. They offer unique styles and gorgeous craftsmanship, and they also are available in as many different materials and metals as traditional showerheads. They give off the feeling that you are standing underneath raindrops, which can add a feeling of calm and relaxation that cannot be found with traditional showerheads.

There are three main types of rain showerheads that are in use today. These include traditional, exotic and handheld rain showerheads. Many of these showerheads can be found at area hardware stores, but it is well worth your time to do some extensive web research first. You should be able to find some quality options from many online retailers, and you also should be able to find helpful information on how to install these types of showerheads.

Traditional rain showerhead models appear similar to traditional showerheads, but they offer several unique benefits. For one, these showerheads make you feel like you are standing out in the rain. They do not pelt you with water like some traditional showerheads do. Instead, they offer a steadier, more calm and relaxing flow of water for a soothing shower. Traditional showerheads like this often come in chrome and brass, though there are many different options available. Some even are available in two tones if you want to achieve a unique look in your shower.

Exotic rain showerhead models offer the same features as traditional showerhead models, but they often are more aesthetically pleasing. These types of showerheads are ideal for more spa-like environments and unique settings. You can add an exotic showerhead to your shower that has a unique design, whether it looks like a sprinkler or a flower. These showerhead options also are available in everything from copper to stainless steel. Plus, many exotic showerheads have more nozzles that release water during your shower for maximum effect.

Handheld rain showerhead models offer the obvious benefit of being able to hold the showerhead in your hands. Just like with traditional showerhead models, handheld rain showerheads allow you to hook up the head to a hook in the wall and then pull the showerhead out when you want a closer wash. This requires very little movement on your part in most cases. You can simply hit a switch, push a button or lift the showerhead out of its holding place during your shower.