Storage pods

The U.S. Census Bureau puts the annual percentage of those moving each year at 15 percent. This corresponds quite closely with the annual migration rate, which has dipped to its lowest rate of 11.9 percent since reaching its peak of 20 percent in the mid 1960s, and ties in somewhat with the 44 percent of those who move saying that they transfer to other cities due to new career opportunities including transfers. While lots of people moving still stick to the traditional route of calling up a professional mover and having a truck arrive on moving day, more recently many people planning for a move are using pods storage solutions.

Moving pods make excellent moving solutions because of their durability and their mobility. Pods storage solutions also give people getting ready to move more control because they have the option to load up their own belongings. They usually will keep items like cash, jewelry, photographs, collectibles and vital documents with them for the duration of the move, or they will send them ahead via a trackable service, but everything else will go into these pods storage solutions for safety and security.

With pods moving has become so much easier for a lot of these people moving. After they have cleared their homes of clutter to plan for a long distance move or perhaps one that is shorter, they have clearer ideas of what will go into these pods storage solutions. As they find success, so will more people moving.