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Did you know that Wyoming has no personal or corporate income tax? Neither did I, until just recently. Wyoming also has no inventory tax, AND its sales tax can only be 6 percent (with many counties opting for a base rate of 4 percent ). The state even made the top 15 on this past years Forbes “Best States for Business List.” Making the state, particularly regions like Jackson hole wyoming real estate (whose average listing price was $2.4 million, as of October, 2012) even more attractive. Jackson Hole realtors have a lot to look forward to with their region’s positive outlook.

Wyoming also has no shortage of scenic vacation spots, including resorts, parks, and wildlife reserves. Featuring one of the lower elevations among Rocky Mountain resorts, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort comes in at a still imposing 6,311 feet. It’s no wonder that Dick Cheney, Sandra Bullock, and Harrison Ford would all decide to own property in Jackson Wyoming real estate region. Jackson Hole real estate property is looking better than ever.

Outside of the resorts, Kelly wyoming real estate, particularly the Jackson Hole real estate region, also boasts an active community. In Jackson Hole commercial real estate, every May, the world’s only public auction of elk antlers is held in the Town Square. The antlers, which are collected by Boy Scouts, are sold to benefit the elk feeding program and offer a unique piece for your home.