Firewall security

An intrusion detection system is an integral part of any network security platform, and Next Gen Network Security works to incorporate this and other elements into a unique system that will protect your personal, corporate, and clients’ sensitive information. This sensitive and private information is at risk from spyware, malware, hackers, viruses, and more, with almost ten thousand malicious websites being detected by Google every day. Spyware, a type of malware, fishes for internet users’ information without their knowledge. The year 2011 saw an expense of thirteen billion dollars by the US government on software such as intrusion prevention systems, intrusion detection systems, enterprise firewall, and other defenses against these threats. In the same year, an international hacker gained access to more than three and a half million tax returns of South Carolina residents, drawing attention to the increasing sophistication of these people and programs aimed at stealing sensitive information. The good news is that Next Generation Network Security is constantly advancing its technology and methods of protecting you, your clients, and your interests even as malware and hackers increase the complexity of their methods. Check out this website for more.