Web application design

Web applications have become increasingly popular. One reason for their growing popularity is that web based applications are a cinch to maintain and update without anyone having to distribute or install software on a myriad of client computers. Another reason for the ever increasing popularity of web applications is that these days, web browsers are ubiquitous. This means that it is very convenient and easy to use a web browser as a client. Another term for this is a thin client. These thin clients are quite popular in regards to software development services and portal integration facilitation.

The Web application model is quite similar to many software development models. The web application model is constructed upon 3 tiers. These 3 tiers are User Services, Business Services, and Data Services. Portal integration is a necessary function of all three. Portal integration is key to the end user experience regarding these development models. With complete portal integration, it can often be difficult to differentiate between the portal and the actual external system itself.

There are many oracle software advantages that relate to portal integration. The majority of portals are capable of allowing total internal and external access to precise corporate data vis a vis secure authentication or the use of single sign on. Either of these options is serviceable in regards to the end result. More can be found here.