Employer sponsored childcare

Finding a childcare center that accepts infants and toddlers is easy. Finding a childcare center that accepts school aged children can be difficult. Many PA childcare centers place age restrictions on the children they accept, and it doesn’t always work in favor for parents of children who are in school.

Many businesses and companies are recognizing the challenge parents face in finding childcare for their school aged child. These businesses and companies are starting to offer corporate childcare programs that are specifically designed for school aged children.

These PA daycare programs are specifically designed to provide the supervision children need on a schedule that works for children who are in school. Employer sponsored childcare programs for school aged children often focus on providing age appropriate activities and working on homework.

Corporate childcare programs are ideal for working parents, because they work with their employer to provide a safe, loving environment for children. Many businesses discovered that when they started to offer corporate childcare programs that their employee’s performance at work improved because they were not worried or stressed out about their child’s childcare.

School aged childcare in the workplace is just as important as infant and child daycare. Many children get out of school between 2:30 and 3:30 p.m., which makes it difficult for working parents provide adequate childcare while they are at work.

Corporate childcare for school aged children can take care of some of the worries working parents have about their child’s daycare. These corporate daycare programs provide certified, trained employees that provide a loving, caring environment for the employee’s children. This loving environment allows parents to work without worrying about who will care for their child after school.

Another benefit of these school aged corporate childcare programs is the ability to find childcare for children when they have off of school. Schools often do not have the same days off as a parent. This can make finding temporary childcare for those days hard. Many parents are forced to take off of work, but corporate childcare programs for school aged children solves that problem.

Corporate childcare programs for school aged children are prepared for these days off of school, and provide a loving and safe environment for children who are out of school for snow days or holidays. This allows a parent to return to work while knowing that their child is being well cared for.

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