Camo wedding ideas

Camouflage is the combination of materials or coloration for the purpose of concealment. Camouflage makes people, animals, and objects hard to see or disguises them as something else.

Camouflage use in the military was spurred in the 19th century by the increasing accuracy and range of firearms. Nations began to camouflage all types of targets, such as tanks and other vehicles, due to the power of aerial observation during World War II. One pattern of camouflage imitates the broken shapes of light that shine through trees. One example of this is the dappled markings on giraffes.

Protective coloring helps animals warn away enemies, but it also helps animals hide from enemies. Zebra stripes are one camouflage pattern in the animal world. The stripes on a zebra may make a zebra stand out when it is out in t

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