Blogging news, personal stories, humorous features, or any kind of content is a great hobby. It’ll make you a better writer, improve your communication skills, help you become a thought leader on social media, and benefit your life in so many ways.

Anyone who writes online wants their site to be one of the great blogs that millions follow, but this takes time, dedication, and practice. The key, though, is using your dedicated practice time strategically. There’s tons of blog info out there about how to become a better writer, but they all more or less boil down to the same points few points.

1. Practice, Practice, Practice.

Though it’s already been said here that it takes a lot of practice to create great blogs, this point cannot be overemphasized. Even the world’s greatest masters of writing still need to practice their craft. World renowned horror author Stephen King says in his non-fiction book, On Writing that he writes 10 pages per day,

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