In military is it better to move your own stuff

There are a lot of great benefits to being a military member. One of these benefits is that the government will help with your military moving expenses. This may either be in the form of a commercial contractor who will move your household’s items to your new location without any fees attached as long as you don’t exceed a certain weight limit. The limit depends upon your rank and how many family members you have.

The other type of military move is what’s known as a military DITY move, which essentially is a do it yourself move. Herein you’ll be able to choose who to get your rental equipment from, where to get a vehicle or which commercial contractor to work with since you’ll be paying for a military DITY move yourself. The government will then reimburses you for your moving expenses, as long as you stay within a certain budget, which is why you’ll need to use a DITY move calculator here. Herein you’ll be able to know what the government determines certain things would have cost if you’d used their carrier. It will also determine if you’ve gone over this amount.

It may seem difficult to figure out the costs for a military DITY move but there’s an extremely well organized system in place that helps with this. These moves are actually quite popular since there’s a certain satisfaction in being able to move on your own schedule and with your own moving company. However, such moves may not be beneficial if you’re moving overseas because then they’ll be much more expensive to complete.

Military DITY move assistance is voluntary. It’s simply meant to be a benefit for military members. It makes sense for the government to pay for your moving costs, regardless of how this may be done. After all, it’s the government that’s ordering such a move be made and thus they’re more than happy to help pay for the costs that you may incur along the way.