Directory submission service

An estimated 36 percent of all small business owners will pay for some sort of publishing tool or analytics tool to grow their respective businesses. They often outsource SEO and other similar marketing services to grow their reputations aside from what they already are doing. Often, SEO outsourcing is the definitive answer because they see real results in a very short amount of time.

When they outsource SEO services, these small businesses are looking to professionals whose expertise proves significantly more valuable than their own expertise. They relate to the idea of outsourcing to a private label seo through the shared communication of an SEO reseller because they see outsourcing as a means to an end. They see the true value of SEO but not fully understand it. Therefore, they choose to outsource SEO to get more results in a shorter timeframe.

They also outsource SEO because they have not hired anyone or lack the funds necessary to hire someone to perform this function. And these small businesses lack the tools too, as well of course as the technology and the time to spend on learning it. This need to outsource SEO exists specifically within SEO but also branches out into other areas of marketing as well, including social media, where an estimated 43 percent of small business owners will spend at least six hours each week on sites related to social media. To cut down both on the amount of time dedicated to learning SEO and the number of hours each week spent on social media, these smart small business owners choose to outsource SEO.

These company owners realize there is no point in learning SEO when someone will always be there to offer SEO services and SEO resellers will always be available to handle the customer service elements of SEO. They never need to understand that three directory submission categories exist, each with their own set of principles and functions. These categories, automatic, semi automatic and manual, are for the SEO provider to know about and understand. Nor must they know that Google cookies, which are added to a computer after an ad is clicked on, will expire after one month. Instead, these smart owners of small businesses outsource SEO to let someone else know and care about this information, and to give them Seo tools to use and to implement rather than explaining the inner workings of SEO to them.