Work with a local company or craft store , or hold your own in a workshop Find out the best way to start instructing art painting classes.
Learn to Teach as You Learn

While you are instructing students, you get the possibility to further develop the art of teaching. Students offer a different perspective and a beginner’s mind. Teachers are able to improve their understanding of the topic in an accessible manner.

Earn Extra Income

Art classes could help you gain more revenue if don’t sell as many paintings. It is possible to earn between $100-$200 per class by charging $20 for each student. Additionally, you can network with artists, and possibly even promote your work.

It’s Great Fun

The idea of teaching art painting classes even if it’s the first time you’ve taught before , can be a thrilling task for any artist. This is a wonderful method to travel and get to know artists from your local area in addition to helping people reach their goals.