This is one skill that should learn. Master the fundamentals of swimming prior to learning how to execute each stroke. The video provides the most basic things you’ll learn while taking a swimming lesson.

Safety is the most important part in learning how to swim. Do not attempt to swim on your own and don’t ever enter the water without a teacher or lifeguard. One of the most important practices in swimming is holding your breath. For a swimming class place yourself on the edge of the pool and learn how to breathe. The process involves taking an extended inhaleand holding it in your mouth, before exhaling.

After that, you should go to the water’s shallow part and try to float on your back. Make sure your body is in alignment with the surface of the water. You can do it without help. The instructor may help you. After learning how to float on the surface, you can hold the edge the pool, and then begin to kick. Keep your head submerged and be patient.

When you’ve mastered the fundamentals then you can understand the movements as your swimming classes progress. To learn this skill begin by enrolling in a swim instruction.