After you’ve been arrested, there’s the process. When you are arrested, a bond hearing occurs in front of a judge. The bail amount will be decided in the hands of the judge. After the bail amount has been set and approved by the judge it is possible to get the bail amount paid so which allows you to be released from jail on the following date in court. Are bail refundable? They are refundable if the person is in court on their court date.

Most people are familiar with bond and bail , and have wonderedwhether bond and bail are the same thing? While they’re certainly not similar, they do serve similar goals. When you make a bail payment in cash, you are required to pay the amount that is set by the judge in order in order to guarantee that you’ll appear in court. If you sign a surety bond, a bail bond company will arrange for you to be released and assures the court that they will be back. If you don’t and they don’t, they’ll be left with a large sum to pay for.

In the event that this happens, bail bond agent will go to the bail bond agents. Are bail bond agents classified as law enforcement? They’re not law enforcers but they’ve been trained for this work. Are bail bondmen considered law enforcement? They may apply force to bring them into custody, but they will not arrest you.