Is a 520 outlet? This video will explain how you can tell what the differences are between NEMA 6 20 and the Nema 5 20, using the techniques shown. This video shows how to recognize the difference between the plugs which use the 520 outlet.

People often make the mistake of being under the impression that a 620 is able to be used with a 5 20 but it isn’t. Even though the two plugs are similar in appearance, the manner they plug into the outlet differs. Both outlets and plugs look almost identical until you plug them in.

Every type of plug fits into an outlet in a different way. The example is that the NEMA 5 20 goes into the outlet horizontally while the plug for 620 is inserted vertically into the outlet. Additionally, there are differences in the plugs. It is possible to determine which plug you have based upon the location of the ground as shown in this video. There are many differences between the two. Take a look at this video right now for more information about the differentiators between the NEMA 5 20 and the NEMA 6 20.