The majority of fruits and veggies are in any pantry, but eventually, they start to sprout, making them go through a decline in flavor and freshness. They can last up to several weeks or months if stored correctly. Based on the amount of harvest, farmers may contact a potato storage firm or preserve the potatoes on their own. What storage methods must be utilized to avoid them from sprouting, or from losing their freshness?

As stated by the narration in the video, storing potatoes starts by the harvesting. In order to avoid damage to skin the potatoes should be picked by using an fork. It isn’t possible to keep them any length of time, if damaged by the skin.
The following step is to make sure the potatoes are properly dried. It involves putting them in sunlight for about two hours, after that, they are moved into rooms that are dark for five days.

Finally, the potatoes must be stored. Farmers have various alternatives. The easiest is placing the potatoes inside bags that are made of the hessian. Farmers can prolong their life by covering them with dried leaves, dried hay or inside containers or trays. 89qnkoolop.