Quartz countertops are very sought-after because of their ease-of-care. Here are some helpful tips for those who are considering quartz countertops.

First, the price. Quartz can be a bit more expensive than granite depending on its grade. It’s much less expensive than marble, however it’s higher priced than laminates and solid surfaces. The next thing you should learn about is how they’re manufactured and how it affects the substance. Quartz counters are produced out of a mix of resin and stones. This results in a stone that is shiny and hard, comparable to granite. The quartz is an engineered or artificial stone. It’s composed by 95 percent quartzite (hence the name) with 5 percent polymer resins. Quartz is 100% all natural and other stones are 100percent naturally occurring.

The top four high-end countertop materials are granite, quartz, quartzite, as well as marble. Quartz is the strongest, and thus the most durable out of the four. Quartz is scratch and heat resistant. But they’re not invincible. be cautious with them. 39jcly1582.