Intense surface water, also known as flood plain drainage. Let’s take a look at additional important details about the installation process.

A perforated drainpipe made of polymer, aggregate and water-permeable landscape fabric could make a great French drain. The area where the structure is set to be installed will decide on the dimension of the perforated drainpipe.

The trench can be dug with one of the steepest 1% slopes or even on an existing downhill slope. It is important to make the channel wide enough for the drain pipe to flow through. Install the fabric in the middle of the trench and continue upwards on the opposite side. Lay the perforated pipe face-down for faster drainage. Shovel more aggregate on top of the tube, leaving 10cm of space between the bottom of the trench and the gravel. of the trench.

The following are the most important aspects to remember about installing. It’s best that you contact experts if you have some questions.