Air compressors are not a new invention in the modern machine age. Prior to the advent of the machine, many machines relied on complicated machines that used wheels and belts. They were expensive, heavy, and heavy, this machine was usually out of the costs of many small businesses. These days, air compressors are available in various sizes and shapes, and they can be found at the neighbor’s garage and even on large shop floors as well as auto workshops.

The compressor is responsible for putting the air in the atmosphere under pressure, generates potential energy, which can later be stored in a storage tank. Like an open balloon, the pressure builds up when the compressed air is released and then converts the potential energy into usable energy in the form of kinetic energy. Once this energy is converted, the transferred can be utilized to run various pneumatic instruments. The video will show you how they operate, beginning with basic operation to various methods that compressors employ to control air displacement.