Are you unsure about what to expect? Do you feel that you’re still not certain the things to expect? If that’s the case do not worry as In this video, you’ll know exactly what you can expect once you have the Invisalign attachments. The video walks you through each step of your appointment and procedure to ensure that you have nothing to fear and can walk through the door with all of confidence.

The patient will learn everything about your treatment during the appointment. The time is for you to ask questions and learn as much as you possibly could. When the time comes to collect your attachments this video will walk you through the steps that take place. After you have cleaned your teeth, they will be rinsed and then apply primer. The aligners will then be fixed and an ultraviolet curing lamp will be utilized on the teeth. After the aligners have been removed, it will be evident that they’re almost unnoticeable, however they’re still attached to the teeth. There will be instructions for you to follow immediately following your appointment.