ficult task. No one likes dealing with those awkward fittings, trying to get the pipes to fit properly and move where they’re supposed to go. Traditional copper piping is becoming more scarce. This is because new technologies for pipe have been created. The video below you’ll learn about some of the newest technology in piping as well as how it compares with other kinds of pipe.

PEX piping is one of the most modern types of pipes. This piping is a popular option due to its numerous advantages. It is however, susceptible to UV radiation, similar to CPVC piping. This means that it will be degraded over time when left exposed to sunlight for excessively. Always keep it within the house, even when it is not being used. If not, you may experience problems later down the line. But, PEX piping does offer advantages of being considerably cheaper than copper. It can bend easily across all directions, and is fitted equipped with fittings that are easy to use. It helps make labor simpler and also more cost-effective. PEX pipes are a cost-effective and simple option. If you need an outdoor pipe, it might still be better with copper piping.