It is important to choose the ideal siding for your house, whether you’re planning on staying in it for many years or plan to sell it in the near future. Continue reading to find out more about siding choices.

There are four primary choices for siding your house. Stone, vinyl, wood and fiber cement can be the four choices.

Vinyl siding is constructed of durable, high-quality plastic that is weather resistant. It is a type of house siding that is very affordable, is very low-maintenance, and very easy to maintain with the use of a simple shower.

A great choice for creating stunning exteriors is stone. There are two choices with regards to stones as thin or stone veneer.

Wood is among the most versatile options. Wood can be arranged both vertically and horizontally and stained or painted depending on your liking.

Fiber cement is an ideal choice for durability than wood. fiber cement is much easier to keep clean than many wood sidings and it’s more durable, thicker and lasts longer.

To find out more about the the different options for siding brands check out the video below!