The smartest hackers have earned millions. The law, however, always comes after the criminals. The video below will highlight various cybercriminals, and explain why you need a defense lawyer.

Albert Gonzalez is one of the most intriguing hackers is the subject of this video. Albert Gonzalez had a black market website for a number of years. It was used to buy and sell identity information as well as stolen identifications. It included passports and Social Security numbers. But he was detained in connection with fraud involving credit cards in 2003. He was released after the police agreed to provide information to the federal government. He assisted with initiatives such as Operation Firewall. The detention of 28 hackers was conducted. Albert was also a part of the secret services. He taught them a lot about security for computers. Yet, he turned out to be not a good person. He had been working in secret with another hacker overseas. Together, they utilized sniffers that could get credit and debit card information and sell it online. They reverted to way of the past. However, he had not learned his lesson. Following a life of luxury in the midst of a scandal, the authorities came up to Albert. Albert was later arrested along together with his accomplice.