After all the destruction, you will need a replacement roof or more.

A stationary cold front passed near Canton on the 29th of April 2017. The cold front caused instability and created a path for tornadoes. This could be a disaster. Supercell storms of immense size developed, and Hank was at the forefront of the chase. The chase was hazardously challenging because of the forested terrain. On one occasion, a large tornado barreled start towards him. He was able to change the direction in just enough time to avoid the tornado. He was able change his direction in such a way that the tornado could not overtake him.

The second tornado in the sequence was the deadliest. It destroyed the entire wedding venue and the only exception was the inner bathroom where twenty guests were secured. Another nearby home was devastated. Hank came across a woman who has climbed out from the debris. Her body was bleeding, however she was most worried was her husband who was injured in his neck. Hank helped get her into the medical facility. Thankfully, they were able to get back to health.