in. Your eye doctor may have scheduled an appointment after your procedure, to show how the process works. Additional advice or advice is totally normal. It’s crucial to place the contacts correctly not cause any harm. The right course can help you do this safely. As you get started it is important to cleanse and dry your hands well to make sure that the lenses are free of dirt and lint. onto your lenses. In addition, cutting your finger nails before starting practice is an excellent precaution to follow. Place the lens at the tips of your index finger that is dominant Be sure that the lens’s soft side is the correct way outward. Inputting in your contact lenses should be done by controlling your eyelids and even using a mirror to guide yourself. To hold the upper lid, use the non-dominant hand. Keep the lower lid of your dominant hand, using the middle finger of your dominant. After that, insert the contact lens using the index finger. For additional comfort and cushioning You may have the use of a contact solutions. xtwr28iqcr.