arting at your choker and gradually moving down can give you an amazing style to explore. Try to make sure you have necklaces of a different style and in a different thickness. Mixing one thin piece followed by another thick piece. Be sure that your necklaces do not overhang each other as the necklaces will become tangled.

When it comes to stacking bracelets, try following a similar pattern as what is used with necklaces. You can make your accessories including bags and jackets more balanced by mixing silver with gold. Making sure that your bracelets don’t contain any additional pieces which dangle as charms can ensure that your bracelets don’t get tangled up. Your other wrist can have bracelets with different shapes and sizes.

With earrings, you aren’t required to match. The options are endless for adding different styles on each ear. From hoops to simple Studs. Be sure to have fun playing and experiment with new ideas. Then you’ll be able to discover the pattern of stacking which is best suited to your requirements.