video talks about fixing some of the most common plumbing problems. It’s an excellent video for those who wish to attempt to solve the problem independently before calling an experienced plumber to resolve the issues.

Part 1 of this video discusses the joints and pipes. It also explains how to fix two damaged pipes. So long as the pipes aren’t terribly decayed they can be sealed with brass. They are fixable through two ways. One is to apply Teflon tape. First thing you need to do is remove the first few inches of the Teflon tape prior to proceeding. In the next step, you need to wrap the tape around the cracked area of the pipe, in a clockwise direction three times. There is no need to wrap tape around the pipe repeatedly.

The Teflon tape is usually enough to fill a crack on a pipe. However, those who are doing the repair may decide to make use of something referred to as “pipe dope.” Pipe dope can be described as a thread sealing product. It’s not necessary to apply many sealants on the threads. The application of a thin coat suffices for stopping leaks. ymgklebegn.